Chia Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chia Chocolate Chip Cookies

So you might be starting to think that I have a bit of chocolate chip cookie obsession happening….who me?  Nah, yeah, well okay – maybe.  Todays little miracle was born out of a Facebook post by a friend – she posted this link to a recipe and in my every humble attempt to be a … Continue reading

Food, Family and Funerals

I started this blog thinking I would just post my random recipes because I thought who seriously would want to read about my ramblings, but the more and more I read other blogs the more I think I will just do it and start blogging and sharing more about my everyday happenings.  I find it … Continue reading

Sneaky Big Batch Boston Baked Beans

I’m double dipping with Mamabake this week – as much as I love cooking I LOVE having my Mamabake meals to send to work with my husband because I hate (yes hate) making lunches!! So I’m meeting up with my Gold Coast ladies tomorrow for a bake – it’s the end of our pay month … Continue reading

Molasses Spice Cookies

So it’s Mother’s Day her in the merry old land of Oz and I decided to get my bake on in preparation for my Mamabake group tomorrow.  Started out thinking I would just make my ‘Famous’ choc chip cookies, but then felt inspired to make some more cookies as I was finding the whole creaming … Continue reading

Food Revolution

Hi Everyone! Just a quick post today about the upcoming Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day on May 19th.  I’m passionate about good healthy food for my family and would love to encourage everyone to get ‘back to basics’ with the food they choose to eat.  A great way to help educate yourself, your family and … Continue reading

Mixing it in the Kitchen – the website

Hi all just doing a shameless plug here for my business – as many of you know I am now running my own business with Your Inspiration at Home – it’s a fabulous range of gourmet herb and spice blends, dip mixes, dukkahs, chocolate powders and…..well just go check out the site that would be … Continue reading

Chocolate Pepita Cake

I’ve recently decided after much research to go grain free – but my biggest problem is that I LOVE to bake – so I’ve been trolling the web for baking ideas and came across this recipe for a Pumpkin Chocolate Cake which used pumpkin seed flour.  I had never thought of using a pumpkin seed … Continue reading

Coconut Milk Yoghurt – Take 2

Here is my modified version – as I said in the other post (here) it is a work in progress but always good.  Just a few notes – make sure you use a really good culture to start so you get the nice taste, a few people have used soy and other yogurts as starters … Continue reading

Sugar Cookies

So I am terribly late posting these little babies, but what can I say it’s the holidays the kids are home along with their myriad of friends, the husband and all those things that come with this time of the year! I love making cookies and sugar cookies have always been a favourite. These babies … Continue reading